Top 3 Penalty-Increasing Factors for a DWI

Top 3 Penalty-Increasing Factors for a DWI

If you are booked for drinking and driving, it is always important to hire an experienced attorney who can assess the circumstances of your arrest. Even if it is your first DWI and you think that you will just plead guilty and accept the consequences of your actions, always talk to an attorney first.

An attorney can help you fight to reduce your charges or eliminate the ticket altogether. The reduction of charges does not only assist you with your current charge but it helps protect you in the future. The penalties of a DWI substantially increase if you have prior conviction and one-third of DWI charges are issued against repeat offenders. Subsequent DWIs result in higher fines up to $1,000, a much longer driver’s license suspension, and up to 180 days in jail. This is just one factor that can increase your penalties for a DWI conviction. Some other main factors that can result in increased penalties can include:

Other Crimes – When a person is driving impaired, they often are not completely cautious in following other traffic rules and regulations. Many times, it is the violation of other laws which lead to the ultimate stop. The police officer may cite you for as many violations you have and with each additional violation, your penalty can increase. This includes if you caused bodily injury or death in an accident.
School Zones – DWI and DUI sentences are automatically enhanced when driving on or within 1,000 feet of a school property or driving through a school crossing. The minimum penalties for first offenses can double the fines and imprisonment as well as increase the suspension period by 4-8 times. Whether school is in session or not is irrelevant to the increase in penalty.
Minors in the Car – When a child was present inside the vehicle of a person who is convicted of drunk driving, charges relating to the conduct and duty owed to the child will be added to the charge. These charges can range from disorderly conduct to child abuse and neglect and carry serious potential consequences in addition to the DWI penalties themselves.

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