Somerset County Expungements Lawyers

At the Fleischer Law Firm we have some of the best Somerset County expungements Lawyers around to help you with your expungement case. An expungement is the legal process to erase and seal all criminal records on file within any court, police department, prosecutor’s office, probation department, and sheriff’s department concerning a person’s arrest, conviction or dismissal of an offense within the criminal justice system or juvenile justice system. Remember; potential employers will most likely do a background check on you.

Typical Somerset County Expungement Lawyers Case

  • Adult arrests not resulting in conviction that are still contained on a background search
  • Adult convictions for felonies, misdemeanors, disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly person offenses, or ordinance violations
  • Deferred dispositions such as pretrial intervention program records (PTI), and Conditional Discharge records (CD).

An expungement is an extremely important tool for those seeking to obtain a job since a criminal record may disqualify the applicant or prevent advancement within the organization. They are also crucial to getting and keeping any NJ professional license such as a nurse or teacher. When a New Jersey order for expungement is granted the petitioner is given a “fresh start”.

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