Attorneys in Somerville, NJ

When you need a lawyer, your best option is to go with successful legal experience in the state where you live…let Fleischer Law be your choice for attorneys in Somerville, NJ. We are based right here in your town, and we represent clients throughout county and the state of New Jersey. Our firm has decades of experience in a wide variety of legal fields, and we’ve handled the most complex of cases. We work with you, your business, and your family to get results you deserve.

Services Provided By Our Attorneys in Somerville

We offer solid and dependable legal representation in a variety of fields, at as reasonable a price as possible for Somerville residents. Cases we handle include:

Divorce. Your best strategy in a divorce case is to avoid dragging and protracting the case and continuing to pay legal and court fees. Steven Fleischer has decades of experience in divorce cases and works with all parties involved to make the divorce final as quickly as possible, while treating all parties involved fairly, especially the children involved. We represent you in all divorce and family law matters, including custody disputes, child support and parental rights.

Personal Injury. Our law offices have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims. We fight aggressively for your rights and for the compensation you deserve, and we work to obtain a financial claim for your injuries and losses as quickly as possible. We can be in your corner in wrongful death cases, workers’ compensation, and preventable injuries.

DUI. The penalties for DUI in the state of New Jersey are strict and severe, and if you’ve been charged, you will need an attorney that knows how to defend against DUI charges. Our law firm understands the many ways that your penalties can be reduced or even dismissed. We can also take on your expungement case, and help remove your arrest from your permanent record.

Wills & Estate Planning. The state of New Jersey imposes a heavy tax on estates…an experienced estate planning attorney can structure your assets to protect your heirs from crushing tax penalties. We can help you prepare your last will and testament, living will, and a durable power of attorney.

If you need an attorney for these or other legal situations, go with a firm that has years of successful experience representing people like you. The Fleischer Law Firm is the answer to your search for experienced and effective attorneys in Somerville. Call us today or click here to schedule a consultation, our Attorneys in Somerville, NJ are looking forward to representing you and delivering the best possible results!