Attorneys in Raritan, NJ

If you find yourself needing an attorney, your best choice is to go with an attorney with successful experience and knowledge of your state’s laws. The Fleischer Law Firm is ready for you…we’re the answer to your search for experienced attorneys in Raritan, NJ. We are based very close to you in Somerville, we’ve handled a variety of cases in multiple legal fields, and we know how to deliver the results you deserve…for you, your business, and your family.

Services Provided By Our Attorneys in Raritan, NJ

Our firm offers dependable legal representation for Raritan residents in cases of all kinds, and we work to keep fees as reasonable as possible. Cases we take on include:

Divorce. In divorce cases in the state of New Jersey, the best strategy is to get the divorce finalized as quickly as possible, and avoid protracted legal and court fees. Steven Fleischer has many years of experience taking on divorce cases in New Jersey, and he works to make your divorce final quickly while treating all involved parties fairly, especially children. We are in your corner for every aspect of divorce cases, including child custody and support, as well as parental rights.

Personal Injury. Our law firm has successfully recovered millions in damages for personal injury victims in the area. We represent your rights zealously against corporations and insurance companies and work to get you just compensation as quickly as possible for your losses and injuries. We represent clients in a variety of personal injury matters, including wrongful death and workers’ compensation.

DUI. If you have been charged with a DUI, you should know that the penalties for DUI in New Jersey are strict and severe. You need experienced legal representation that can help you have your penalties reduced or even dismissed. The Fleischer Law Firm understands DUI laws, and we can ensure that you do not suffer a stricter penalty than necessary. We can also work on your expungement case, and possibly have your arrest removed from your record.

Wills and Estate Planning. In New Jersey, there is a hefty estate tax, and it’s important that you structure your assets to help your heirs avoid heavy penalties. Our firm can work with you on your last will and testament, a living will, and a strong power of attorney as needed.

We offer all of these legal services and more to local residents in the Somerville County region, and we put our successful experience to work for you and your rights. If you need our attorneys in Raritan, contact us today to request a consultation. Let Fleischer Law be your choice for experienced attorneys in Raritan, NJ…we’re ready to represent you and your legal rights!