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Attorneys in Bridgewater 2If you are in a legal situation and require a lawyer, your best choice is to go with successful experience…including experience in the state where you live. Fleischer Law is your answer for experienced attorneys in Bridgewater, NJ! Our team in nearby Somerville has represented clients in a variety of legal fields, including complex cases where NJ law doesn’t always clarify the answer. We represent you, your family, or your business, and get you results.

Our Bridgewater Attorneys’ Services

We offer dependable and first class legal representation for clients in legal matters, at as reasonable a price as we can for Bridgewater residents. We work in multiple fields, including:

Divorce. When you can no longer reconcile with your spouse, the best course to take is to avoid a long, drawn out, and expensive divorce. Our attorney Steven Fleischer has been practicing divorce cases for decades in New Jersey, and he works to make each divorce final as soon as possible. Fleischer treats all of the parties fairly, especially for the best interests of children.

Personal Injury. Fleischer Law has successfully won millions of dollars in cases and settlements for personal injury victims. Our attorneys will zealously represent your interests against corporations, insurance companies, or the government, and we work to achieve your compensation as quickly as possible.

DUI. The state of New Jersey has strict penalties for driving under the influence. You will need a strong and experienced attorney that understands the laws and your situation. That means one who can fight to have your penalties reduced, and in some cases dismissed.

Wills & Estate Planning. In New Jersey, the estate tax rate is higher than most. With an experienced estate planning attorney who understands how the laws work, you can set up your finances and protect your heirs from penalties. We’ll help you with your last will and testament, and a living will and power of attorney as needed.

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The Fleischer Law Firm has been in New Jersey for many years, representing people in situations just like yours. We’ve earned the respect of clients and peers throughout the years due to our effective and ethical legal representation. Steven Fleischer has a track record for winning cases, and in many cases has done so against larger firms.

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