Attorneys in Cumberland County, NJ

At the Fleischer Law Firm, we have the experience, background and track record to represent you in multiple legal matters…we are your choice for attorneys in Cumberland County, NJ. From our nearby office in Somerville, we provide legal services for South Jersey residents who have been charged with a crime, injured in a preventable accident, are going through divorce, or need estate planning assistance. We’ve built a strong reputation over the years for solid ethics and results for individuals in the region.

Our Cumberland County Attorneys’ Services

We offer a variety of lawyers’ services for the residents of Cumberland County, including:

Family Law. Whether you are going through a divorce and need representation, are fighting a custody battle, or are in a difficult parental rights situation, reach out to us. We can help you through this process and we have the experience to help you achieve the best outcomes. We can help you get your divorce finalized as quickly as possible, and help you to avoid protracted and expensive court battles.

Personal Injury. The Fleischer Law Firm has a history of recovering substantial rewards for our clients when they are dealing with a preventable injury or wrongful death. We review all of the evidence of the case, explain your rights to you, and present your claim effectively to the responsible party and their insurance company. Our personal injury cases are based on contingency…we don’t collect any money unless you do.

Criminal and DUI Charges. In New Jersey, driving under the influence is taken very seriously, and prosecutors are always determined to achieve a conviction. You need strong legal representation in your corner to defend your Constitutional rights, and to make an effective argument on your behalf. Similarly, If you’ve been charged with a felony crime, it’s vital to have an experienced attorney working for you. Our attorneys know what to expect, how to fight it, and get your charges reduced or dismissed, and even have your arrest expunged from the record if possible.

Estate Law. Planning your estate is vitally important to protect your family and take care of them in the event of your passing. Let the Fleischer Law Firm assist you with your will, estate planning, and power of attorney. We can help you have all of the legal documents in place, and we’ll help you structure your assets to protect your loved ones from tax penalties.

The Fleischer Law Firm is in your corner for these legal needs and more, and we work to keep your costs affordable. Let us be the answer to your search for attorneys in Cumberland County, NJ…contact us today and request a consultation. We’re ready to help you get your legal matters settled and get on with your life.