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Marijuana Detection Test Could Be Available Soon

Everyone should know that driving under the influence of drugs is against the law. However, it can be difficult for law enforcement officers to identify when a specific driver is actually under the influence. For example, typical signs of marijuana use can include red or bloodshot eyes, lack of focus, or slower response time. However,… Read more »

Dashboard Camera Footage Now Public Record

On June 30, 2016, the New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed an opinion that ordered the Dashboard Motor Vehicle recordings to be disclosed pursuant to the Open Public Records Act, holding that they were government records that were neither exempt as a “criminal investigatory record” nor exempted as part of an “investigation in progress.” The Appellate Court also… Read more »

Cohabitation and Alimony

If there is a significant disparity in the economic positions of two spouses, alimony (also known as spousal support or maintenance) will almost certainly be an issue in a divorce case. The immediate determination will be how much one spouse should pay to the other to help support them until they can obtain the education… Read more »

Child Support Agreement- Who Pays for Your Teen to Drive?

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for your teen, as they now have the freedom and ability to transport themselves without having to rely on others to drive them. It can also be an important milestone for you, as well, since your schedule no longer centers around driving your child to school or… Read more »

Can You Have a Trial by Jury for a DWI?

At the heart of our criminal justice system in the United States is the right to a trial in front of a jury of your peers, guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution to the United States. A jury trial works to eliminate any bias on the part of a single judge and a… Read more »

10 Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

Making the decision to get married is one of life’s biggest milestones. When the relationship becomes unsteady or unhealthy many New Jersey couples find themselves considering going their separate ways. Before making the ultimate decision to end your union, here are 10 things to consider before moving forward with a divorce. You do not need… Read more »

Somerset County Expungement Attorney

Am I Eligible for an Expungement? Once you have a criminal conviction on your permanent record, you can experience many roadblocks. For example, many employers do not want to hire someone with a criminal record and landlords may not want to rent apartments to individuals with convictions. Drug convictions can result in ineligibility for scholarships… Read more »

Somerville Attorney Launches New Website

Somerville attorney, Steven H. Fleischer announced the launch of a new Website today. The site can be found at and features an in-depth profile of the law firm. The site is built using the latest technology and is even responsive for mobile phones! Steven H. Fleischer is a Somerville based attorney that represents individuals… Read more »