Somerset County Personal Injury Law Firm

The Somerset County personal injury law firm of Fleischer Law Solutions, operated by Steven H. Fleischer, is a full-service law firm that is equipped to assist you with DUI in Somerset County. There is no other personal injury law firm in Somerset County that you require. No matter the reason you must retain a Somerset… Read more »

DUI Attorney in Somerset County

DUI attorney in Somerset County Steven H. Fleischer of Fleischer Law Solutions runs a full-service law firm that can help with DUI in Somerset County. We are the only Somerset County DUI attorney you need. Why do you need a DUI attorney in Somerset County such as Steven H. Fleischer from the full-service law firm… Read more »

Injury Attorney in Somerville NJ

Injury attorney in Somerville NJ Steven H. Fleischer leads Fleischer Law Solutions, a full-service law firm with decades of experience. He is the only Somerville NJ injury attorney you will need. With an injury attorney in Somerville NJ as qualified as Steven H. Fleischer, your case will be given personal attention. Every Somerville NJ injury… Read more »

Somerville Real Estate Lawyer

Steven H. Fleischer is a Somerville real estate lawyer with decades of experience. If you are looking for a real estate attorney in Somerville then you should consider hiring Steven. Real estate law has the highest malpractice rates of any legal profession. When looking for someone to represent your NJ real estate transaction, you need… Read more »

Somerville NJ DUI Attorneys

Looking for a Somerville NJ DUI attorney? Steven H. Fleischer can help. Steven is an experienced DUI attorney located less than a block from the Somerset County Courthouse. Steven understands that a DUI charge can impact your finances, reputation and insurance. Fighting a DUI charge is crucial to any hope of securing a favorable outcome… Read more »

Somerville Attorney Launches New Website

Somerville attorney, Steven H. Fleischer announced the launch of a new Website today. The site can be found at and features an in-depth profile of the law firm. The site is built using the latest technology and is even responsive for mobile phones! Steven H. Fleischer is a Somerville based attorney that represents individuals… Read more »