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Child Support Agreement- Who Pays for Your Teen to Drive?

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for your teen, as they now have the freedom and ability to transport themselves without having to rely on others to drive them. It can also be an important milestone for you, as well, since your schedule no longer centers around driving your child to school or… Read more »

Child Custody – Relocation after Divorce

When you get divorced and you have children, you and your former spouse will have to agree on a custody arrangement. Even if one of you has primary custody, the other parent will almost always have certain visitation rights unless they present a risk of harm to the child. If you share custody or visitation… Read more »

Somerville Attorney Launches New Website

Somerville attorney, Steven H. Fleischer announced the launch of a new Website today. The site can be found at and features an in-depth profile of the law firm. The site is built using the latest technology and is even responsive for mobile phones! Steven H. Fleischer is a Somerville based attorney that represents individuals… Read more »